Shelby Donnelly  is  aninterdisciplinary visual artist and educator.

Donnelly makes screenprinted and sewn textiles, garments, and objects that are contextualized in videos and installations.

Her work stages dramas that come from observing humanity’s relationship with ritual, ceremony, and spirituality and how that plays out in everyday existence and the subconscious.

Incorporating fragments from cultural sources(film, novels, news) and materials (fabric, paper) her work is a visualresponse or a way of “materializing gestures” –  making physical what ittypically a fleeting moment.  

Donnelly has exhibited both internationallyand nationally at International House Philadelphia’s Ibrahim Theater, TheFabric Workshop and Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Hausder Kunst Museum. Donnelly was the  2014 recipient of theIndependence Foundation Artist Fellowship and traveled to Morocco to co-curatean exhibition at TALIM. Donnelly attended artist residencies at Millay Artist  Colony in New  York,  the  Cité deInternationale in Paris, France, Soaring Gardens,  and  Second State Press  in Pennsylvania.  Donnelly holds a B.F.A  in  Printmaking  and  Drawingfrom Washington  University  in  St.  Louis (2002) and  a  M.F.A  in Material  Studies from Tyler  School  of  Art,  Temple University (2008). 

Shelby Donnelly  lives  and works  in Philadelphia,  PA.

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